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Current Builders utilizes a Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) process with Building Information Modeling (BIM) as its core technology for multi-disciplinary management.

VDC enables Current Builders to efficiently capture, process and route information for project planning and delivery. BIM is integral to this process and Current Builders is a leader in the implementation of this technology within the local and national AEC industry.

The firm executed BIM in 2007 to address the proven pitfalls of traditional planning and change management processes. The implementation of BIM via our own VDC processes has shifted project planning and changed management from a largely reactive system to a highly optimized one. This shift has empowered all team members with logistical foresight and realistic visualization capabilities to effectively consider viable solutions as the design is brought into reality.

The Results Associated with BIM and VDC include but are not limited to:
  • Significant reduction in the number of RFIs on project of varied size and scope
  • Considerable discount in the cost-per-RFI and related change-orders (if applicable)
  • Substantial time savings in overall schedule and enhanced schedule adherence (fewer and shorter delays) have been realized on every BIM-assisted project
  • Savings in project administrative costs for all stakeholders
  • Enhanced development and carry-through of design intent realized through earlier, more accurate visualization
  • Higher-quality end product results through enhanced constructability analysis and problem resolution
  • Enhanced accuracy and precision in field operations – improved speed, quality and reliability




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